Parent meeting; early childhood care and development

Donation of rice and food for families of young children On the occasion of parent meeting at Thakhamruam School in Beungkan province with objective to educate them understand about appropriate par ... Read more

Assistance to the children and families impacted by Covid in Loei province

Assistance to the children and families difficultly impacted by Covid This time we visited to Hilma Pable school located on top of mountain in Pakchom district, Loei province. Donation of cash and ... Read more

Handover a new childcare center building in Loei province

Handover a new building for childcare center in Loei province Old building of childcare center ‘Watvivek Thammakhun’ located in Loei province was a house for monks and adjusted to be fo ... Read more

Assistance to help the students whose families impacted by Covid

Assistance to help the children living in difficulties by Covid FCYD Foundation donated cash and set of rice and food to help 3 families of children who are seriously impacted by Covid at Thakhamru ... Read more

Donation to help the children of orphan Sarneilli House

Donation to help the children of orphanage house in Nong Khai FCYD Foundation is represented the foundation of Stichting Welzijn Zuid-Oost Azië from the Netherlands to donate 50,000-Baht for o ... Read more