Giving clothes for the children

Giving clothes for the children Winter of Thailand is coming now. We collected many clothes and jackets that received from good heart people donated for the children. Now it’s good time to gi ... Read more

Handover newly finished renovation works for damaged childcare centers

Handover finished renovation works for damaged childcare centers According to agreed consideration to improve damaged childcare centers in Rattanawapi and Fao-rai districts, Nong Khai province, the ... Read more

Practical training for new pregnant women, Hai Som Sub-district, Udornthani

Practical training for pregnant women, Hai Sok Sub-district, Udornthani province As soon as it’s good news to know about being pregnant, new mother should meet the doctor for a good preparati ... Read more

Home visit to young boy 'Kob'

A young boy Kob is studying kindergarten at Luangpoo Thes School, Sri Chiangmai, Nong Khai province. A young boy lives in a house with a blind mother. A day we visited, a mother has another elder son; ... Read more

Trip to world heritage site at Baan Chiang, Udornthani province....

School break in October, this time FCYD Foundation agreed to have kids of orphanage Sarnneilli House go to see interesting places. The first place is to visit a World Heritage Site at Baan Chiang, Udo ... Read more