Visit to a house of young boy 'Porch'; disabled children

Young boy 'Porch' at the age of 7 years old #2013, he had accident while coming back from school with his parents. It was so bad that the parents died. Even Porch is survived but he is in trou ... Read more

Donation of diapers to orphan house in Udornthani province

Baan Udornthani or House of Udornthani is an orpha house located in  suburb of Udornthani town and established for more than 40 years. At present, there are about 270 orphans from new born to you ... Read more

Progress of renovation work of damaged Wang Pha Childcare Center, Pak Chom, Loei province

According to agreement betweeen FCYD Foundation and Sub-district Huay Bor Seun Adminstrative Organization (SAO) in order to a renovation work for damaged Wang Pha Childcare Center, the work is kindly ... Read more

FCYD participates to special event on National Mother's Day

Special event on National Mother's Day is on August 12, it is established from a birthday of Queen Sirikit and regarded as national mother's day for many decades of Thailand. For this year, FC ... Read more

Visit to a house of young boys 'Ken' and 'Taang', Udornthani province

Young boys 'Ken' and 'Taang', they are living in a family with their father and grandmother. Mother separated and was away since the kids were very young. The elder 'Ken' ... Read more