Visit to a house of young boy 'Somchai',Udornthani province

A young boy 'Somchai' is 1 year and 6 month old. He was born when the mother is getting aged. However, his health in genreal is good and normal. For the fahter, he is disabled; paralysis ... Read more

Memorandum of Agreement for renovation work of damaged child care center, Wangpha village, Pakchom, Loei province

Childcare Center of Wangpha village established for almost 25 years by use of a building of village meeting hall to be a center. As of today, the building and facilities are in damaged conditions ... Read more

New mother training program at Baan Phoe Sub-district, Phonphisai, Nong Khai

New mother training program at Baan Phoe Sub-district, Phonphisai district, Nong Khai province  For this time, there are diffierent groups of participants to the training e.g. first pregnants, ... Read more

Assistance and consultation of healthcare for young new mother Nong Khing

Young girl 'Khing' is16 years old and bad luck to be abused by someone she trusted and now she is almost 6 month pregnant. It needs to quit school and prepare herself for her new born. Now she ... Read more

Official announcement of FCYD Foundation to be a charitable organization by Ministry of Finance

FCYD Foundation is officially announced by Ministry of Finance to be a registered charitable organization in according to law of personal income tax and value added tax of Thailand. The official annou ... Read more