Assistance to the children (additional case) in Nayoong district, Udornthani province

Young girl and boy 'Nong Kwan and Nong Arm' living in the family with their grandparents now are in elementary school of Pratom 4 and 5 (grade) in Choomphon Naklng School. They both have good ... Read more

Life skill development camp for Sarnilli Orphanage House, Nong Khai province

Apart from technical knowledge and skills to study and learn in school, 'life skills' is quite important to learn in everyday's life of all young children and youth people. It is required ... Read more

Donation of clothes and assistance to the children living in difficult circumstance in Udornthani

Thank you everyone donate all good clothes for both young children and adult including toys and dolls. This time, we coordinate with local sub-district of Nayoong, Udornthani province in order to give ... Read more

Donation of Breakfast Fund for Sao Lae School

Breakfast Fund for students in difficult circumstance of Sao Lae School, Phoe Tak district, Nong Khi province Families of parents and grandparents who need to work for wages, to cook breakfast for ... Read more

Assistance to young boy 'Nong Nat' for educational opportunity

Young boy 'Nong  Nat' is 14 years old and graduated elementary education Pratom 6 about 2 years ago but not yet continue his secondary education due to serious illness.He needs to me ... Read more