Assistance to the children born with disabilities in Pakkaad district, Beung Kan province

Disabilities since birth is something a big trouble for the parents and grandparents who need to take care them last long. Because this is a life of new son and girl, that in need of takecare and ... Read more

Assistance to the young girl 'Nong Fah'

Young girl 'Nong Fah' is 10 years old. As of today, school teacher asked her to stop studying for a while due to serious sickness. Mid term of last year, the teacher observed and saw that Nong ... Read more

A training of new mother program @Hai Sok Sub-district, Udornthani province

FCYD Foundation implemented a training ‘New Mother Awareness Program’ ‘How much does it hurt to deliver a baby?’ ‘How do I know if my baby is healthy in the womb an ... Read more

Visit to a house of Grandmother Khamdee for housing re-improvement work

According to FCYD's request for fundraising to the housing re-improvement work of Grandmother Khamdee and 2 young kids; MRoi and Booboo. The existing house is terrible damaged to the health condit ... Read more

Assistance to a family of young family leader 'Nong Boat'

Nong Boat (nickname) is 16 years old and now a family leader of a grandmother and 4 young borthers. Nong Bot, he works for daily wages at a BBQ food shop located next to Khong River in Nong Khai town. ... Read more