Donation of consumables for orphans of 'House of Hope'

Donation of consumable for the orphan house 'House of Hope'.  House of Hope is one of 7 residential houses under the management of Sarnelli House, orphanage house for children who are ... Read more

Donation of clothes and sweaters for children and parents

1. Donation of sweaters for children of 'Home of Boys, Nong Khai'  Home of Boys, Nong Khai is a governmental service for boy orphans age range from 6 - 18 years old. Most of them are f ... Read more

Assistance a new born girl 'Pampam'

A new born girl ‘Pampam’ was in early preterm birth #6month and not in a good physical condition; gastroschisis. And later it is found that she is congenital cataract. It is needed to have ... Read more

Participation on National Children Day 2017

Motto of National Children Day 2017  "Thai Children pay attention to education, a foundation to national security" FCYD Foundation particiapated activities of national children da ... Read more

Handover the new bedroom for young girl 'Beauty'

In regard to a previous home visit to young girl 'Beauty', she lives with her dad who are disabled; brain operation and now not be able to speak or walk as normal. A house of 'Beauty' ... Read more