Assistance to the children with disabilities

FCYD Foundation helps children with disabilities and difficult living circumstances Disability is hard situation to be defined its causes. No matter what it is happened since first born or latter f ... Read more

Success of Practical Nutritional Training for Students in Difficult Circumstances

Success of the practical training of nutrition development for children living in difficult circumstances… The FCYD Foundation would like to thank you for all cooperation and supports from a ... Read more

Assistance to the Children of Migrants in Si Chiangmai district, Nong Khai

In Thailand, when speaking about migrant children, we usually refer to the children from Myanmar or children from the high mountain of the north who, with their parents migrated to live and work in ot ... Read more

์Nutritional Promotion for Students living in difficult circumstances, Tha Bor district, Noong Khai

FCYD Foundation conducts a consultation meeting among schools for preparation of nutrition workshop within the project of “Nutritional Promotion and Breakfast Fund for Students living in Difficu ... Read more

Follow up the progress of renovation work of damaged childcare center in Tha Bor disstrict, Nong Khai

Renovation work for damaged Don Muang Childcare Center, Tha Bor district, Nong Khai Don Muang Childcare Center located in an area of temple and operated for more than 40 years. Construction was a s ... Read more