Monetary support to the Family of Sangwan

Monetary support to the Family of Sangwan, brother and sister with blindness and epilepsy since born, mother is not good health enough to work for money but small wage-jobs e.g. rice harvesting & ... Read more

Monetary support to the Family of Sirikorn

Monetary support to the Family of Sirikorn, the little niece was born with a sickness of retinoblastoma, needed to go to the hospital. FCYD Foundation provides emergency assistance in order to see the ... Read more

Immediate Assistances to Poor Families in Nong Khai

Representative of the Fellowship Foundation for Child and Youth Development, Ms. Nootrai Khotchompoo; public health volunteer gave immediate monetary assistances and other child care items to differen ... Read more

Leadership Training Life Skills Development for Young Leader

Life Skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enables individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life - (WHO) The Fellowship Foundation for Child a ... Read more