Study trip for agricultural work in Roi-et and Khone Kaen province

Study trip for agricultural work Sarnneilli Orphan House, we promote vocational skills for adolescent. It divided into 2 groups; agricultural and handicraft works. For agricultural work, we grow ri ... Read more

Childcare teacher training in Loei province

Practical training of childcare center teachers in Loei province One of critical problems of childcare centers in Northeastern region of Thailand is about lack of opportunity for the teachers to ga ... Read more

Educational scholarship for students of English language skill

Educational scholarship for students with English language skill FCYD Foundation arranged an English writing contest for high school students of Thungfon Wittayakarn, Thungfon district, Udornthani ... Read more

Donation and assistance to the family of disabled children

Cash donation for family of disabled children Childhood disability Disability in childhood can have a lifelong impact on a person’s physical, mental and emotional health, as well as their ... Read more

God bless her... little girl "Nong View"

God bless her… April 2018 we received information from Kru Rat (childcare teacher) about a girl with serious sickness and not capable to continue her childhood learning in the center but nee ... Read more