Parents training for 'Mothers' or Sarnneilli Orphanage House, Nong Khai province

Parents training ‘Mothers’ of Sarnneilli Orphanage House, Nong Khai province Sarnneilli Orphanage House located in Nong Khai province provides assistances to orphan children from early ... Read more

Handover a completed renovation work for damaged childcare center, Baan Huay Kor, Nong Khai

Handover a completed renovation of damaged childcare center Huay Kor Childcare Center located at a mountain footstep in Sangkom district, Nong Khai province. The center building was constructed of ... Read more

Parents training No.3/2562; Wat Meechai Wanaram, Fao-rai district, Nong Khai

Parents Training No.3/2562 at Wat Meechai Wanaram Childcare Center, Fao-rai district, Nong Khai Problem related to early children stated as ‘parents do not raise them, people who raise them a ... Read more

Helping children with multiple disabilities

Helping children with multiple disabilities Disability in children is regarded as bad fortune of life. Multiple disabilities in children is a true tragedy that make troubles to every aspect of livi ... Read more

Study trip for future...

Study trip for future… At our orphanage house #SarnneilliHouse , elder brothers and sisters who are going to finish high school and high vocational college need to leave the House and go on ... Read more