Refreshment of ANC knowledge and financial assistance to new mothers

Refreshment of antenatal care (ANC) knowledge and financial supports to new mothers

In regard to a previous practical training of new mother program by the end of September at Nong Plapak Municipality, Sri Chiangmai district, Nong Khai province, this is to follow up and review the ANC knowledge and skills for new and adolescent mothers. It is ‘knowledge sharing session’ for 13 mothers/families. At this time, FCYD also provided financial assistance to each of them to mitigate burden and hard situation from household difficulties.

Most of them are pregnant at young age with no full preparedness. However, it’s in needed time to prepare oneself for another new born to come. What most important thing about new mothers is ‘understanding and awareness’ to be good mothers. Public system of health care in Thailand is quite better developed and covered to all community people throughout the country.

Thank you to a team of health care service from local Sub-district Nong Plapak and district Sri Chiangmai Hospitals to give ANC knowledge to all mothers. We also donate good clothes for new babies. Thank you to all donations and generosity to help the new mothers.