Clothes for children and families... Baan Nong Kaew

Cloth Donation for Children and Families... Baan Nong Kaew

Baan Nong Kaew village, Rattanawapi district, Nong Khai province located next to Khong River. Majority of local villagers are living by different vocations including general labour for farming and construction, growing vegetable, rubber planting and rice growing. However, it is not a big farm but small ones due to limited areas of plain lands nearby the Khong River. 

This time, we FCYD Foundation have many pieces of clothes, dolls and toys for chidlren and other family members of 40 households and for 80 children of local childcare center of Baan Nong Kaew. Now it's going to winter with cooler weather in upper Northeast of Thailand.All of these clothes are much helpful to make them warm and in good health.

Thank you for all cloth and dolls/toys donations giving to FCYD, and we after that will prepare and make it into different sets of clothes in order to sort it per as to different groups of people who live in difficult conditions. Thank you