Assistance to a family of young family leader 'Nong Boat'

Nong Boat (nickname) is 16 years old and now a family leader of a grandmother and 4 young borthers. Nong Bot, he works for daily wages at a BBQ food shop located next to Khong River in Nong Khai town. He works from evening to midnight everyday. Even it is a hard work for him but it's needed to survive and to take care all lives of his family. Nong Boat stopped studying in a school due to such poor condition but he has a choice of 'non-formal education' which looks convenient for him to further secondary education.

A grandmother at home is only one acting as a mother of every young boy.She also helps and mitigate a family expense by working; Thai massage for additional income of the family as possible as it could. For parents, a grandmother said 'separated and very seldom to come back home' 

FCYD Foundation provides living allowance, beautiful clothes, toys and some housing stuffs for everyone. And it is good wish to Nong Boat to take care his health. Especially, his left-eye is not good probably caused from cataract. And do not give up an education.

Thank you for all donations to help the family of Nong Boat...