Assistance to the children born with disabilities in Pakkaad district, Beung Kan province

Disabilities since birth is something a big trouble for the parents and grandparents who need to take care them last long. Because this is a life of new son and girl, that in need of takecare and rearing. However, parents/grandparents also need to know what background and causes of the disabilities at birth in order to understand and know how to manage everyday-child rearing.

1st Family; young girl 'Nong Maprang', 2.6 years old. She is sick with the symptom group of down syndrome and mouth-oral related organ. Fortunately, her mother is really good at preparing and tking care of her since new born. Now young Maprang is able to communicate some aciton to her mother and grandparents. She is also able to take care some basic mobility, to eat, to wash, to walk. However, cost of every day taking care of her is also a condition. It's good opportunity that the mother is asked to do lunch for students, it's a daily wages that help all family members including young Maprang.

2nd Family; young Kong, he is 16 years old and multiple disabilities since new born; leg, eyes and ears. His mother needs to take care of him all 24 hrs and rotating the duty to the grandmother when she needs to work for wages in rubber plantation. 

FCYD Foundaiton in coordination with local sub-district hospital (Huay Kanleung Hospital and a group of health volunteers in the communities) paid visits to their houses and gave consultation of baisc health care of the children with disabilities. Donations of living allowance and housing stuff also handovered. Thank you to all good heart people who donate and support FCYD Foundation, allow us to help these disabled children.