Donation of Breakfast Fund for Sao Lae School

Breakfast Fund for students in difficult circumstance of Sao Lae School, Phoe Tak district, Nong Khi province

Families of parents and grandparents who need to work for wages, to cook breakfast for young children before going to school is seemingly difficult activity because they need to leave quite earlier morning. It's a family problem that impcts to the health and growth of young children. Many young children buy some snacks and candy for breakfast. Some of them do not have breakfast from home but to wait for free lunch from school. It's not good at all for young children to study in class without any food for brain learning. Breakfast is very important of all.

FCYD Foundation established the Breakfast Fund in 2015 for 2 schools in Phoe Tak district and continue the fund support until present. The Fund management is based on mutual participation from parents; to share some expenses in order to ensure the fund sustainability. A school of Sao Lae community is one of participating shcool and resulted of good performance; developmental growth of the students. 

For a new semester of 2017 to come, Thai Asahi Chemical Co., Ltd. gives a donattion of 30,000-baht to the Breakfast Fund of Sao Lae School. Thank you for your contribution to make the fund more sustainable. At this time, FCYD Foundation also donates a table tennis table and books for the good time of students to play and learn. Thank you for all dontions and supports...