Life skill development camp for Sarnilli Orphanage House, Nong Khai province

Apart from technical knowledge and skills to study and learn in school, 'life skills' is quite important to learn in everyday's life of all young children and youth people. It is required to be as a 'life compass' to lead life to be happy and peaceful living, for example the life skills of self-physical care, awareness and life value of yourself and others, emotional and stress control, relationship building and care. The skill is also extended to cover basic skill of food cooking and other vocational skills that would be advantage for future career. 

All young children of Sarnilli House are not much in good opportunity to learn good life skills due to some limits of the House. However, as a human on earth, it needs for them everyone to go on their lives and within a good way of living. Life skill development camp this time is designed specially to meet specific goal of life skill learning. Each learning base is designed within particular item of objective to learn and fun. 

1. Plenery session for all include a) what is your dream career b) online media; a hero or culprit of problem   

2. Learning base 1; We are all friends ---> to learn relationship building and care 

3. Learning base 2; Papaya salad for good health ---> to learn basic skill of cooking 

4. Learning base 3; Network of spiderman ----> to learn how to plan and work as team together 

5. Learning base 4; Decode the pictures ----> to learn definition of Thai proverbs that means to 'life development' 

6. Learning base 5; Love and protection ---> to learn risks and dangers from inappropriate situations may make harm to lives 

7. Learning base 6; Knowing others for 100 items but not enough ----> to learn yourself, your ideas and your heart 

Thank you for all contribution from the elder students of Khon Kaen University, Nong Khai campus to be learning base mentors and give all young children new knowledge of life skills and fun games. Thank you for all donations of dolls and clothes, we have it this time as gifts and awards to each teams. For who interest to donate things e.g. soap, shampoo, washing powder and etc. for these young orphan children, please contact directly to FCYD at Thank you...