Visit to a house of young boy 'Somchai',Udornthani province

A young boy 'Somchai' is 1 year and 6 month old. He was born when the mother is getting aged. However, his health in genreal is good and normal. For the fahter, he is disabled; paralysis and cannot work for wages. 

Ten years ago, the father and his family were in Samuthsakorn province; adjacent to Bangkok and worked in factory. Later,he was sickness and found out of disease of brain infarction. The mother tried every way and source to do medical treatment for him for many years. But it was not good as it sould have been. Finally, she made deciaion to come back home. Now the father is given a monthly allowance of disabled person from local authority about 800-baht. In fact, it is not covered for all expenses in use. The mother needs to work sometimes for wages, but it is quite difficult since she is really in need to take care her young son 'Somchai'.

FCYD Foundation and Baan Phue Sub-district Administrative Organization visited to Somchai and his mother. Consultation/suggestion how to take good care of disabled person and young son as well as encouragement to the mother. Living allowance as a prompt assistance, clothes, dolls, toys are given to the mother and young Somchai. Thank you for all donation to help the mother and her young boy.