Training 'New Mother Program' Baan Phue Sub-district, Udornthani

Training 'New Mother Program', Baan Phue Sub-district, Udornthani 

The new mother program training is a key development program of FCYD Foundation we have implemented since last year. And it's planned for expansion to other different sub-districts of districts and provinces in future years. 

Discussion from new mothers who participated about 'who is thinking about family planning and having new baby?' This is a key question to ask before a start of the training session. Answer is a less percentage to say yes of the family planning. Thus, it means - the rest of them or majority do not think about this and the pregnancy seemed 'unexpected'. This is one of incidents as family problem that impacted to the quality health in both antenatal and postnatal care.

Aside from 'things needed to do' based on the health guidelines Book of Mother and Child and guidelines of surveillance of developmental growth, the training is also focused on knowledge sharing among new mothers and fathers on 'Duties and Responsibilities of Being Mothers and Fathers'. In conclusion, it is not only persons who give birth but it is also persons who need to take care of the new born (s) to have good health in every aspects as well as other supports for his and her good future.

Good health starting from antenatal stage and earlychildhood is the best guarantee to ensure that, young babies will have good health as well as other physical conditions especially braining system long last of his/her lives. FCYD Foundation will continue this good training as mentioned above and extending to other places. Thank you for all donations and supports...