Handover a finished re-improvement works of a house for Grandmother Khamdee

In regard to a collaboration between FCYD Foundation and Phonpaeng Sub-district Administrative Organization (SAO), we agreed to make re-improvement work for a damaged house of grandmother Khamdee. The house was so damaged and seriously in bad condition especially to the health of family members and young children. 

Now the new reimprovement work has been finished and all family members are able to live in. Even the house is not that well decorated and beautiful furnished, but it is better than the old damaged and well enough for everyone to survive healthly.

Deputy President of Phonpaeng SAO handed over the house to grandmother Khamdee and young nephew 'MRoi'. After that, we have visited to houses of children and families who live with difficult circumstances, to give some stuffs of clothes, toys and dolls for the children. Thank you for donation to help the children and families who are in need of help. Thank you