Mini English camp for students of Sub-district Haisok, Udornthani province

A period of junior secondary education is really critical situation for young people to move forward for their future lives. In Thailand, basic education curriculum, English language is one of mandatory subjects that all Thai students need to study. Moreover, Ministry of Education established a national standard of all mandatory subjects including English language. It is called O-Net or Ordinary National Education Test. 

As a result of the O-Net test in many years, students of small schools in far districts and sub-districts have not been in good scores in every subject. For English, it is also defined as less opportunity for them to study and learn from good resources. This is as impact to limited choice of walk for their lives to go on higher education. 

FCYD Foundation arranged mini-English camp in a topic of 'Why English language?' for young studetns of Mattayom 3 (grade 9) of Dongwai Dongkwang school, Nongkung Wangsaeng school and Baanthat Prachnukul school. The camp is aimed to strengthen up their understanding about significance of English as international language of communication, their inspiration to learn English in different aspects as well as for O-Net and other opportunities of uses. The students also learned how to make simple sentences from simple words, pronunciation and and listening. 

Thank you to Kru (teacher) Steven and Kru Namassakan from Nong Khai Missionaries for good lesson learn to the students. Thank you for donations of good clothes, toys and dolls - as gifts of games giving to the students . Thank you