Visit to a house of young boys 'Ken' and 'Taang', Udornthani province

Young boys 'Ken' and 'Taang', they are living in a family with their father and grandmother. Mother separated and was away since the kids were very young. The elder 'Ken' now is learing in a kindergarten class while a younger borther 'Taang' is not yet to study in school but staying at home. Grandmother is only a person who takes care the younger borther at home during day time while the father is out for working. It is quite hard work for her to take care the boy due to an elderly age #81yearsold and not is a good health condition. 

Both of the boys are in good health. They always have good food from fishes. A house locaiton is not far from a big pond where it is good source for family's food. FCYD Foundation and representative of local authority give advice to the grandmother in taking care of the little kids and possibility to have a young borther to pre-school. This is good choice to mitigate and help the grandmother during day time in taking care the young brother. FCYD Foundation gave some living allowance to the grandmother in order to buy good foods for little kids as well as clothes and toys for the kids. 

Thank you for all donations to help the children and families living in difficult circumstances