Progress of renovation work of damaged Wang Pha Childcare Center, Pak Chom, Loei province

According to agreement betweeen FCYD Foundation and Sub-district Huay Bor Seun Adminstrative Organization (SAO) in order to a renovation work for damaged Wang Pha Childcare Center, the work is kindly granted full support budget from Leenuttapong Foundation.

As of today (Aug 207), renovation work has its progress in different parts of construction for example of new fence, extension part of front building, repair of old-used toilet and new construction of 2 new toilets, ablution area for cleaning faces and teeth and preparation of new plyground area. It is estimated of 70% progess of overall tasks. What parts to be constructed and improved included ceiling, electricity system, installation of new wall-fans & refrigerator, new gate and cleaning all areas for new painting.

All of these progresses are from collaboration between the SAO and people of Wang Pha community. As a cohesion, they come together and work of the renovation work for their children with their own volunteering - no wages for outside contractor.

When the renovation work is finished, Wang Pha Childcare Center will have bigger spaces for childhood care and edcation as well as new beautiful playground and tiolets for better sanitation. Thank you for all contribution and cooperation from all hands... :) :) :)