Donation of diapers to orphan house in Udornthani province

Baan Udornthani or House of Udornthani is an orpha house located in  suburb of Udornthani town and established for more than 40 years. At present, there are about 270 orphans from new born to young adolescent age before 18 years old. There are about 50 little kids age range from new born to 2 years old that need close takecare in everyday...

FCYD Foundation by contribution of Unicharm (Thailand) Co., Ltd. donated 15 boxes of diapers to the House as well as toys and dolls. The little kids in the afternoon time needed to sleep, so elder brothers of kidergarten class have all of these diapers for them. 

Thank you Unicharm (Thailand) Co., Ltd. giving the good diapers for the children... Thank you