Donation of diapers for little kids

Unicharm (Thailand) Co., Ltd; a good-hearted company gave big quantities of diapers to FCYD Foundation. Not only for giving the diapers to new mothers, we also give the good diapers to many families who have new babies and little kids in different areas. This time and within collaboration with local organizations, we donate diapers for the children to;

  1. Sarnelli House for orphans; impacted HIV/AIDS in Nong Khai
  2. Mitmuandek House for orphans in Nong Khai          
  3. Baan Udornthni House for orphans in Udornthani
  4. Baan Kaen Thong House for orphans in Khon Kaen
  5. Childcare Center of Baan Nong Kaew, Nong Khai
  6. Phonepaeng Sub-district Administrative Organization, Nong Khai  
  7. Jomsri Sub-district Administrative Organization, Udornthani
  8. Sub-district hospital of Huay Kan Leung, Udornthani
  9. Sub-district of Hai Sok, Udornthani

Estimated numbers of little kids as beneficiaries to receive diapers are about 1,160 children. Including to this, big size of XXXL diapers are capable to use for elderly sick people. Thank you for the good donation of MamyPoko diapers we received from Unicharm (Thailand) Co., Ltd.