New mother training at Pakkad Sub-district, Beungkan province

New mother training at Paakad sub-district, Beungkan province 

5 things that new pregnant mothers should know and understand

  1. Do not contact or smell to chemical substances for example of mosquito and insect spray and other foods with radiation. Remained substances could be dangerous to fetus    
  2. It is strongly to ask for advice from specialized doctor in case of use of medicines.   
  3. Cigarette, alcohol, tea and coffee – it is suggested to avoid during pregnancy period.  
  4. Long distance travelling – it is strongly suggested NOT to travel long distance in period of early-known of pregnancy and last month before giving new baby.  
  5. Do not contact or close to sick animals because level of self-immunity of pregnant women would be in lower level than usual. It may be probable to be transmitted and infected to the babies.

Thank you to the local hospital of Hua Kan Leung for good collaboration together for the kids of our communities. Thank you to Mamy Poko who donated good diapers for the mothers and thank you for everyone who donated good clothes, babies and toys for the little kids