Life skill training; Sex education for young adolescent

Life skill training; Sex education for young adolescent

Target: Students of Pratom 5 and 6 (11-12 years old), Nayoong district, Udornthani

In regard to new mother trainings in the past times, there were lots of mothers of age under 20 years old to attend in the trainings. And some of those mothers were under 15 years old. No matter what reasons and causes they are, pregnancy in adolescent people are not good and appropriate at all in present time. There are many factors and risks reflected to their lives not only for societal environments but also education opportunities. However, Thailand still has high rate of pregnancy in young adolescent of the world…

There is no difference in term of ‘human behaviors’ that make those adolescent people turning into pregnancy situations. In conclusion, key factors specifically considered to be from their family background, their ways of living, greed to have new materials, influence of new (online) communication. All of these things urged them to behave and have wrong decision to risk and danger in relation to sexual relationship. However, love affair in school is seemingly to be accepted. Moreover, it needs (for them) to be in high patient and concentration in order to manage and control their love affair and learning duties. If not, young adolescent people would not be longer interest to their learning responsibilities but preoccupied only to sexual relationship which would be led to pregnancy.

The training is to provide new knowledge and life skills not only of sexual education but also other related issues. Topics included human growth development, sexual health, sexual behavior, relationship, personal skills, society and cultures and good manners should do for boys and girls.

Thank you to local hospitals of Baan Nayoong and Baan Huay Sai for good collaboration. Thank you to everyone for donations of good clothes and toys and gifts for adolescent – this is quite good to stimulate them into the training session. Thank you