Visit to a house of young boy Phat in Pakkaad district, Beungkan province

Visit to a house of young boy Phat

Now Phat is 8 years old and studying in Pratom 3 at a school in Pakkaad district, Beungkan province. When he was born, it was not good and abnormal condition of imperforate anus. The doctor had operation for colostomy; opening in the skin and muscle of the abdominal wall. Later, he had a surgery of anal area for his excretory system. However, for some reason he has not been in good condition and control of his excretory system. It needs for him to wear pampers all times at home and school.

Even worse, his parents separated and seemed no one wanted to take care of him. Fortunately, his uncle and aunt took him back home. To take care of him, additional expense of pampers is quite difficult for the uncle to bear for this while he needs to take care of his children and all family members. In school, Phat needs to use 3-4 pieces of pampers per day. If not, it would be bad smell and make disturb to other students and teachers. Kru Nuanla-or and other teachers are good hearted to donate some money for his pampers in school.

A visit this time, we give him 4 big boxes of the pampers for his uses at home and in school. We also give cash to the uncle to ensure that Phat and other kids in his house would receive good take care especially hygienic and clean self-care. Discussion with local hospital, it is agreed to find possibility and transfer Phat to a big hospital in town for good treatment and control of his excretory system.

Thank you for a donation  of pampers; Mamy Poko from Unicharm Thailand. Thank you to all donations of clothes, toys and dolls. Phat and his uncle, aunt and other family members already received it. Thank you