English camp for Nawah School, Sangkom dsitrict, Udornthani

English camp at Baan Nawah School, Udornthani

Baan Nawah School established for more than 70 years ago and small school with 48 students. The school with less numbers of students, it does not have much budget to arrange special activities including English camp to increase language knowledge and skill for the students. For this time, FCYD Foundation agrees to implement English camp with a title of ‘Dream Career’, this is to create and stimulate the students’ inspiration to go on their English learning.

Including to the dream career, the camp and learning bases managed with different and fun games. Lots of gifts provided. There are 3 learning bases;

  1. My Families, to learn about vocabularies about family members and relatives
  2. My Country, to learn about countries in ASEAN Region
  3. My Farm, to learn about environments and farms

All of the things set up is to give the students to understand why English language important. It is not only for learning subject in school but as competent knowledge to make lives of the students to go further and higher in education and work.

FCYD Foundation handed over school materials and students’ clothes to help those students who are in difficult conditions. Thank you for all donations. Gifts to the students really appreciated to call their interesting and stimulation to learning class and camp. Thank you