Giving a new wheelchair to young boy 'Porch'

Giving a wheelchair to young boy ‘Porch’

A wheelchair that Porch received many years since he had accidents in 2013 now is damaged. The grandfather fixed and repaired it many times (see more details in below link). Today, a good-hearted organization gives him a new wheelchair on special occasion under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Sirindhorn. The event was at office of public health in Loei province.

Thank you to elder P Orm and volunteers of RICD Wheelchair Project, Ratchnakarind Institute for Child Development in Chiang Mai province to give the wheelchairs to young Porch and other disabled people of Esaan region. The received wheelchair is good and fit to his body, he is able to control it very easily.

Thank you to the school of Nong Khai Municipality that accept young Porch to study with other students in school. This is advantage for him to learn a normal life and increase his life skills for future. Thank you for all support to help young Porch…