Financial support to local musical band 'Pong Larn' of Moonman Luangpoo Chorb School in Loei

FCYD Foundation donated financial fund to support ‘Pong Larng’ local musical band and clothes for students of Moonmang Luangpoo Chop Thansamo School, Chiangkan, Loei province   

Moonmang Luangpoo Chorp Thansamo School initiated and established #in2005 from a good wish of venerable monk; Luangpoo Chorp in order to provide good opportunity for education to children of poor families in the adjacent areas. At present, the School provides education services as boarding school with dormitories to young students from kindergarten to senior high school. The School also provides free food, uniform and all schooling materials for all students till graduation. There are about 430 students at present.  

The School in every year is to arrange a musical competition. It is a local Pong Larng music of Esaan people. The competition is to continue and enhance good succession of the local music from generation to next generation. The music as one kinds of artistical tools is also benefited to recall good interest and effort of the students to be humble as well as creative thinking and inspiration. In this time, FCYD Foundation supported the local musical band of the School by giving financial fund to maintain the band’s performance and students’ participation.

This good time, we also give good clothes, blankets and some stuffs to all students to ensure that they would have new and beautiful clothes for this winter. Thank you to all donations to join us to help the student together….