Life skill education camp ‘Love and Care among Brethren’ for orphan children

Life skill education camp ‘Love and Care among Brethren’

Target: Orphan children of Sarneilli House, Nong Khai province

Location: Wild Flora Protection Center, Nong Khai

Children of Sarneilli House are in long vacation before a new semester to come in mid of May. Some of them return home to stay with relatives. However, majority are still in the House, they do not have any places to go. FCYD Foundation usually arrange a life skill camp for those who are in the House every vacation period. It’s good time to take them outside, not only for life skill learning but also to relax within new environments.

For this time, the life skill camp is titled ‘Love and Care among Brethren’. One of important incidents and problems in the orphan house is about ‘bullying and brawl’…   Bigger brothers sometimes do violence to young brothers or sisters. Sarneilli House has a strict rule of living together and appropriate manners among each other. However, there are some evidences to see the bullying and brawl. It needs to be managed and suppressed. The most important solution is to create and strengthen up their relationship. Good relationship is opening door for them to love and care each other. Life skill camp this time is to provide opportunities for all of them to learn differences of each person thru playing and making different activities, games and sports. Not only a good relationship, they will have a feeling of cohesion and see importance of others as ‘brethren’ in the House.

Thank you to a team of Khon Kaen University students to be mentors and give them good information and times together. Thank you for donations of gifts for young people. Thank you Mae Kung, Mae Noi and all custodians to take care the children… See you next vacation