A visit to young girl ‘View’, Nong Khai province.. sickness of acute myelogenous leukemia.

A visit to young girl ‘View’, Rattanawapi district, Nong Khai province

Teacher of childcare center Baan Nong Kaew observed and found out that a young girl ‘View’ usually feel uncomfortable and always got sick from fever, persistent fatigue, weakness and pale. So, the teacher asked her to stop going to school for a while. Later on, a grandmother took her to local hospital. She was transferred to a bigger hospital in town. She was checked up and proved that a young girl is sickness of acute myelogenous leukemia.

Now a young girl is a patient and within a take care by doctors of General Udornthani Hospital. She needs to be checked and received leukemia treatment and blood test per as to appointment of the doctors. A day we visited, she was back home. The doctors asked the grandmother in order to make a house clean and good healthy house condition. The clean house and environment will be good for a young girl to live in and waiting to meet the doctors next times.

The grandparents made decision to ask for a loan from community grant 20,000-Thai Baht to improve condition of the house, especially new floor with tiles and make all environments clean. However, the most difficult thing is about expenses to take a young girl to go to the hospital in Udornthani. It needs to pay for a bus including other travelling from home and stay overnight in town for many days while ‘View’ is admitted in the hospital. It’s a good time that now a mother is back home. She takes care her daughter and going to the hospital with a young girl.

A teacher ‘Kru Rat’ represented FCYD Foundation give some living allowance and some clothes in order to mitigate the difficulty of the family. FCYD Foundation will coordinate local government; Child and Family Protection Office in Nong Khai for possible assistance in a near future. Thank you for all donations to help a young girl ‘View’