To visit a young boy 'Ab', sickness with seizure

A home visit to meet young boy ‘Ab’ in Naamsom district, Udornthani

Young boy ‘Ab’ is 6 years old and was in bad health condition since born. Some symptoms were gradually shown when he grew up and supposed to practice crawling and walking. But he cannot do it. Badly, another thing happened was about seizure. Father and grandmother took him for a check up at a nearby local hospital.

Because of bad luck and inappropriate behavior of mother while being pregnant, young ‘Ab’ is not able to walk and to speak out. He can sit on a floor and eat foods but need help from others. He cannot control his excretory system and would be in seizure if there might be something or some communication as triggers such as stress and excitement. The grandmother usually takes him to the hospital in town 2 times a month for medical treatment and rehabilitation. It has lots of medicines back home and needed strictly to take the medicines per as the doctor’s order. The father is a family leader and work everyday during daytime. He helps the grandmother take care young boy during night time at home. Fortunately, a young boy loves watching TV and listening to music. That’s good to make him feeling good.

FCYD Foundation provides living allowance to mitigate the hard situation of the family and 2 big boxes of diapers, and to look for a new wheelchair for young boy. Thank you for all donation to help the children together.