Teacher training; Early childhood care and development (ECCD) centers in Rattanawapi and Fao-rai districts, Nong Khai

Teacher training; Early childhood care and development (ECCD) centers in Rattanawapi and Fao-rai districts, Nong Khai

One of the most critical problems of childcare centers in remote districts and sub-districts is about personnel management. Number of the teachers and caretakers per the center is not matched and sufficient in order to take care the children in daily basis. Some of the centers has only 2-3 people while number of the children is 40. If one of the teacher or caretaker is not able to do duty in the center, it means that rest of the personnel need to work very hard to take care and manage all activities within a day. Consideration to possibility for them to have new knowledge and skills for example of external seminar or training, it’s seemed ‘impossible’ due to such constraint.

FCYD Foundation realizes the problem and has looked for different opportunities to have teachers access to possible ‘ECCD knowledge’ events and activities. It is not only knowledge management and capacity building but also renovation and re-improvement works of damaged centers to ensure basic infrastructures and building for young children.       

This time, FCYD Foundation has a good collaboration with Udornthani Ratchapat University, Faculty of Education, Major of ECCD Education to conduct a practical ECCD training. Targets of the training are teachers and caretakers of remote childcare centers located in Rattanawapi and Fao-rai districts. Aim of the training is to provide and update good knowledge and skills of ECCD in accordance to a National ECCD Curriculum of Thailand B.E.2560. Key contents of the training includes;

  1. Roles of teachers, caretakers and parents to promote developmental growth of the young children
  2. Holistic ECCD class design and management
  3. ECCD learning materials; design and production

There are 113 teachers/caretakers from 42 childcare centers to participate in the training. And there are about 1,741 young children as direct beneficiaries learning in all centers. Including to the knowledge and contents, fun activities and games are discussed and shared – how to adapt and use for the children. Word of encouragement is also transferred to all participants to give them power and spirit to enhance their duties for the children.

Thank you to a group of university instructors; ECCD teachers and specialists to teach and train the teachers /caretakers. Thank you for all donations of clothes, we prepared many good clothes and gave them to the teachers so that the teachers will hand over the clothes to young children in the centers later.