Giving a notebook computer for disable young boy Nong Poss

Giving a notebook computer to young boy ‘Nong Poss’

Young boy Nong Poss got an accident many years ago. His parents died but he himself was in serious injured and now disabled for the lower part of body from waist. He needs to use wheelchair in everyday life and going to school. Now he graduated elementary Pratom 6 class and required to further a higher class of Mattayom 1. He needs to study at a new school. Problem is that learning subjects of Mattayom 1 are required to study in different classrooms including a second floor. Grandmother today is not able to be with him and hold up him to a second floor classroom. She needs to work for all family members as well as a young niece and 2 nephews.

A school discussed with the grandmother and young boy for a solution to help him. It’s greed to have him to go to school on Monday and Friday in order to talk with the teachers, receiving all home works and returning the finished home works on Friday. By this cause, Nong Poss needs to learn all subjects at home. So, FCYD Foundation gives him a notebook computer to be a material for all data searching. At the same time, he is able to relax with many online entertainments. Commitment is discussed with him about ‘rule of use’, to ensure that he is in good performance of all online data as well as time-management. School teacher will visit him at home to follow up his learning progress.

Thank you for all donations to help the young boy Nong Poss