Practical training of childcare teachers and caretakers No. 2/2018

Practical training of childcare teachers and caretakers No. 2/2018

Childcare centers located in rural and remote locations, opportunity for the teachers and caretakers to be given to attend training or other development skill practice is seemingly less than others who are working in big centers in town. Or it seems impossible for some teachers and caretakers due to budget limits and personnel constraints which it may be caused from internal administration. And now local authorities have launched new policy for all childcare centers to open up and operate the services all year round – no vacation or school break.

We are much thinking about this and in strong attention to initiate a project of ‘Childcare Teachers are the Heart of All Development’. The practical training is focused on key contents and skills of early childhood care and development. And overall arrangement of the training is designed to meet requirement that teachers and caretakers of far-located childcare centers would be able to join and participate in the training without anxieties. This time, training is the 2nd implementation in a year and targets are from childcare centers located in different districts of Nong Khai. Key contents comprised;

  1. National Curriculum of Early Childhood Education 2018
  2. Methods and Preparation of Teaching Plan
  3. Preparation and Production of Teaching and Learning Tools

Technical support is from a group of instructors of Early Childhood Education, University of Rajchaphat Udornthani. There are 110 teachers/caretakers from 49 childcare centers to participate in the training. And it is about 2,094 young children as ultimate beneficiaries.     

Thank you for the good contribution, supports and presentation of the instructors. Thank you to municipal mayor of Sri Chiangmai Municipality for the venue of training place and we do hope that all teachers and caretakers will have the good knowledge and make it the best application for young children of your childcare centers.