English camp for Baan Sokkla School, Nong Khai province

English camp for young students of Baan Sokkla School

Under the program of Teach Thai Students, English camp is for students of Baan Sokkla school in Sangkom district, Nong Khai province. It is a school of primary education from Pratom (grade) 1 to 6. Goal of the English camp is the same as others in order to strengthen up their inspiration toward English language. Good inspiration will create positive attitude to English language and its learning in higher classes.

For this camp, we have senior students from Khon Kaen University; Nong Khai campus to be camp mentors and give them knowledge. The camp is comprised with different learning bases and fun games to let them learn about English through surrounding environments. Key learning bases are My Family, My Friend, My School, My Farm and My ASEAN.

Thank you to the school director and all teachers, thank you all senior students to be camp mentors, thank you for all donations of toys, dolls and gifts for young children. They are happy with all things done in the camp.