Home visit to young boy 'Kob'

A young boy Kob is studying kindergarten at Luangpoo Thes School, Sri Chiangmai, Nong Khai province. A young boy lives in a house with a blind mother. A day we visited, a mother has another elder son; 10 years old including a grandmother living all together in a very damaged house. 

With a blind condition, the mother could not have a good take care for her sons. She has no any jobs and wages but received only a governmental welfare allowance which is provided month by month. It is not that much money but only for daily survival. However, there are some relatives who live nearby who come and help the mother. (husband already gone away) A young boy Kob is good to go to school everyday and having good take care by school teacher but not for elder brother. He is hardly to go to school but stay in a house and play around. Once he knowed that a group of strangers come in his house, he ran away back of the house to the rice field behide and climbed up the high tree. Later, because of a motorbike toy, he accepted to step down and sit with his mom. 

We have a good talk with the mother especially how to manage and take care good health for the 2 sons. We also asked her relatives to help the mother as much as possible. FCYD Foundation at this time gave the mother some cash in ordre to mitigate her hard family situation, to buy some good food for the children. We also gave her some stuff of household uses, winter is coming soon. A day after, other teacher visited the mom and gave her some electrical appliances; rice cooker and hot pot. Thank you for all doantion to help the mother and these 2 sons.