Practical training for new pregnant women, Hai Som Sub-district, Udornthani

Practical training for pregnant women, Hai Sok Sub-district, Udornthani province

As soon as it’s good news to know about being pregnant, new mother should meet the doctor for a good preparation of antenatal care. This is an essential thing to ensure that a young baby would have good health. For new mothers who have considered family planning, they always are in good condition and ready for new members. But for some women who are not in any plan but accidentally to be pregnant, it is in some health risk for the babies. Some of these pregnant women did not go to meet the doctor at hospitals within the first 12 weeks (3 months). Some cited reasons included ‘no times, did not know, need to work’. Such inappropriate condition is really risk to the health of babies and the mothers themselves.

This training is focused on how to take care when it’s getting know of pregnancy. Information and practice included good preparation for birth delivery and taking care of new born babies. One of important information is all about abnormal conditions and symptoms while pregnancy. It needs to meet the doctor immediately.

Thank you to senior Pah Nual; registered nurse from Ban Phoe District Hospital to give knowledge and information to all new mothers as well as practices. Thank you to Hai Sok Sub-district administrative organization for the good work together and thank you to all donations of cloth, dolls and toys for new mothers and babies.