Handover newly finished renovation works for damaged childcare centers

Handover finished renovation works for damaged childcare centers

According to agreed consideration to improve damaged childcare centers in Rattanawapi and Fao-rai districts, Nong Khai province, there are 4 centers selected as follows;

  1. Childcare center of Baan Nong Kaew to construct a new frame building and roof for playground
  2. Childcare center of Baan Non Swan to construct a new toilet, uplifted floor and surrounding areas
  3. Childcare center of Baan Non Phuthong to construct a new toilet and ground floor
  4. Childcare center of Wat Sirichaimongkhol to improve a toilet and connecting ground floor

The renovation works are under collaboration with local responsible authorities and volunteer workers from parents and community people. This is really good to save budget and good time for the people of their common social cohesion to do good thing for their children together. Now, all repairing and construction works have been finished. FCYD Foundation would like to present and hand it all over to communities for the benefit of the children.

Thank you to the good heart people; Khun Sorawit and Khun Lertluck Leenuttapong who have supported this project for several years up to present. Thank you for all community people for the good jobs and successes we have done for our children. Thank you all teachers of the centers to take care all things till finished and new learning environments for the children.