Parents training No.3/2562; Wat Meechai Wanaram, Fao-rai district, Nong Khai

Parents Training No.3/2562 at Wat Meechai Wanaram Childcare Center, Fao-rai district, Nong Khai

Problem related to early children stated as ‘parents do not raise them, people who raise them are not parents’ is a common phenomenon happened in everywhere and villages of upper northeast of Thailand, depending on level or degree of impacted feedback to the health of children. Children of remote villages nowadays are not to play around in paddy field but wasted all times with mobile phones and games. When the situation is come with inappropriate parenting styles, problems in early childhood is considerably serious.

How can we raise the children and ensure that they will grow up in an appropriate way with developmental growth and good braining development? EF-Executive functions is an answer for parents. Some guidelines that could be simply application of use at home. Children 0-2 years is No permission to television and cellphone. Children 3-4 years old should be trained to be able to take care themselves e.g. showering, brushing teeth, having food by themselves. Children 4-5 years old should be able to do more things e.g. helping household works, keeping house clean and cleaning kitchen utensils and watering plants and trees. This is for example of how the right EF creates and develops appropriate behavior of the children and to ensure the right way to grow up.

Thank you a team of Fao-rai Hospital to give knowledge and demonstrate of good food and nutrition as well as daily food schedule to promote good health for the children.