Handover a completed renovation work for damaged childcare center, Baan Huay Kor, Nong Khai

Handover a completed renovation of damaged childcare center

Huay Kor Childcare Center located at a mountain footstep in Sangkom district, Nong Khai province. The center building was constructed of use to be a village hall but adapted to be childcare center for many decades. Now it’s damaged and limited space/areas for children’s daily activities. In rainy season, raining water from nearby mountain is flooding over to the building that made trouble to the children living inside.

FCYD Foundation by collaboration with local authority ‘Baan Muang Sub-district Administrative Organization’ agreed to improve the damaged building and to expand a new extension room to maximize learning areas and canteen.

The renovation works now are completed by helps of all hands from community people. They come and worked all sections of the renovation as volunteers. This is good management to keep budget efficiently and at the same time, they are all good together as one cohesion for their children.

Thank you for donation from good heart people; Mother Wimonrat, Khun Sorawith, Khun Lertluck and all private donations. It is in total net budget of 145,000-Baht to complete the renovation work. FCYD Foundation is pleased to handover the new renovated building of the childcare center to be the best benefit for the children.