Parents training for 'Mothers' or Sarnneilli Orphanage House, Nong Khai province

Parents training ‘Mothers’ of Sarnneilli Orphanage House, Nong Khai province

Sarnneilli Orphanage House located in Nong Khai province provides assistances to orphan children from early to elder age of 18 years old. There are now about 130 children living in the House. Assistance is included food, accommodation, health services and parenting all of them in order to ensure that they would have good capability and skills to move on their lives outside of the House.

‘Mother’ (or father) a position of assigned to oversee individual house grouped by age and gender. Mother is responsible for all daily activities including food, preparation for their schools as well as parenting them to have appropriate actions. It looks a big job!

The training is focused to mothers who take care young children age 0-6 years to have good knowledge and skill to raise early children. Key focus is about EF-Executive Functions, food and nutrition to promote muscles of the children and ‘jobs for young children’ to learn their selves, self-esteem and behavior development.

Thank you to Nong Farng; nutritionist from Fao-rai Hospital to give the mothers knowledge. Thank you all mothers for the great jobs to help the orphan children