Parent training No.4/2562 Baan Baeng, Fao-rai, Nong Khai

Parent training No.4/2562 at Baan Baeng, Nong Khai

Addicted to smartphone in children and stubborn to eat meals seemed to be the most difficult problem for parents to handle, no matter what residential places they are living in towns or in rural villages. Direct communication within serious atmosphere is the best solution to get the problem solved and guided them frankly what they can do and cannot do within a day period.

Refuse and difficult action to eat meals is something likely a not-good sign if parents could not be able to manage such behavior. Parents need to be aware that eating is the most important and daily-based action to make children grow up. Parents need to set up a strict regulation of having meal together and make it a routine activity. Parents need to cook good food with different colorful styles and ‘eating environment’ that attractive the children within limited agreed time. If possible, after eating, parents should ask their children to clean dishes together, this will help a lot to strengthen up family’s attachment.

To raise the children in nowadays, it needs to consider many different factors from inside home to outside societies. In a new technological and digital world, parents need to be aware new learning especially when children need to learn new communication technology. With a strong base of life skill, children would be able to grow up with good life skills that protect themselves from bad effect of technology.

Thank you for support/nutritionist from Fao-rai hospital to give knowledge of nutrition and good food to the parents.