Parent training No.5/2562 Hai Sok Sub-district, Baan Phoe, Udornthani

Parent training No.5/2562 at Hai Sok, Baan Phoe, Udornthani

Goal of the training is to educate parents and persons who raise the children in everyday life (grandparents) to understand and realize of good parenting practices in appropriate to changing world. Traditional and old parenting style may not be fitted enough but for some cases it defects bad behavior in the children and difficult to rehabilitate when growing up to be adolescent and adult.

Early childhood at age of 0-6 years is seriously in need of having ‘mother’ who will be everything for their lives; protection and promotion their healthy living and survival. It’s not only for a protection, parents in nowadays need to understand a concrete method (s) of how to teach them to know and wisely use technological communication materials as well as different online applications. If not, unexpected problems will be as a nightmare to return to the parents someday. Thus, life skill is not limited to only inside world but outside world where connected through many online communication channels. Children need counselling support and ‘learning by doing’ together from parents. Do it today before it’s too late.

Thank you Baan Hai Sok Sub-district hospital for being guest speaker