Visit to a house of young girl 'Mymint' , Rattanawapi, Nong Khai

Renovation work of damaged house for young girl

Young girl ‘Mymint’ 3 years old, she is attending to childcare center of Baan Nong Kaew where head teacher ‘Kru Rat’ gave information to us about housing condition of young girl. We visited at a house of young girl and considered to help her immediately.

Her father #Laotian and mother are working for daily wages in rubber and pineapple farm located nearby in the village. The farm owner let them stay in a ruined cottage where there is no electricity nor other house appliances. We seriously discussed and agreed to help young girl by seeking the best solution of new construction and/or re improvement of housing structures as good as it could be possible. Question is – where we could do this; in the farm location or somewhere else? We need to consult and ask for solvable agreement from different persons including farm owner, village leader and local authority. Our homework is to have good housing condition for young girl.

FCYD Foundation gave some cash to the father and asked him to buy electrical wire in order to connect the system from the farm owner’s house and keeping the rest to buy good food for family members. To this, we gave them electrical pan, pot and dishes, clothes and beautiful dolls for ‘Mymint’… She smiled with happiness.

Thank you for all donations to help the family of young girl ‘Mymint’