Renovation work for damaged house of young girl 'Mymint'

Renovation work for damaged house of young girl ‘Mymint’

According to our commitment to help young girl ‘Mymint’ in order to improve housing condition for her and family; father and mother. Conclusion is agreement to improve an existing house of her grandmother. Problem is - a house is too small for all family members 8 persons to live in. It needs to expand housing area and a new room.

Community leader and childcare teacher (Kru Rat) as FCYD representatives discussed with the grandparents and agreed to improve the house. However, it has a commitment that, grandfather and father of Mymint need to do all parts of renovation work by themselves because they are skillful in construction work. FCYD will be responsible for all expenses of construction items.     

FCYD did an order some of construction items and materials. Renovation work to improve the house comprised a new room, new toilet and kitchen. Estimated budget is about 30,000-Baht. Thank you for all donations to help young girl Mymint.