Classroom of Facebook and social online communication

Classroom of Facebook and Online social media

When asking young students of Pratom 4, 5, 6 “Who in this room have registered your own facebook accounts?” Answer about 70-80% of the asked students is Yes. However, in general school is not allowed students to have their smartphones with them to schools. If not, students will not be focused on classroom but anxiety and worried to turn to their smartphone instead.

New Alpha Generation, children born in a new era where they are raised and grown up with many technological devices including smartphones. They don’t see any afraid of it but eager to know and learn new things from inside applications. If no rules or control from the parents, problem is so terrific to their health conditions including emotional control, bullying, argument or even possible physical attacks.

How we can help them to understand and prepare themselves to better set up to use all social and online media. Facebook and social media is not obligated into school’s curriculum. Students need to learn it by themselves or from friends. There may be right and error. Most parents do not pay any intention to this but giving their children smartphones without any advice. What we teach and train them is about ‘control of consciousness’ to use facebook and other social & online media in particular to a) post any pics and vdo clip b) share any posts c) comment and criticize others. It needs to respect the right of other people. If we want other to respect us, we need to respect other and do not to bully others.

With the right perception toward facebook and social online communication, we do hope that students would be able to have good and proper communication.