Memorandum of Understanding for renovation work of damaged childcare center in Loei province

FCYD Foundation and Network of Childcare Teacher in Upper Northeast of Thailand had surveyed and selected a damaged childcare center for renovation work, it is Pha Klangdong Childcare center located in Thad Sub-district, Loei province. Building condition is now totally damaged from roof to floor. The building was an old 'community open-hall' (small size). It's agreed by all partners including responsible local authority; Thad Municipality to renovate a new building within agreement to have voluntary workers; community people to work and help in this project. 

A new planned building will have estimated 140 square meters, and sectioned into different areas e.g. learning room, canteen area, playground (in the building), new toilet and ablution areas for brushing teeth and cleaning faces for the children. Total budget is calculated about 200 hundreds Thai Baht. This is planned for expenses for all procurement of construction materials and equipments only - not included wages for labour. Because labour/workers will be from voluntary participation of community people to help this project since a start until finish. It is a true cooperation not only to save budget but also to extend social cohesion among community societies. 

FCYD Foundation is now looking for possible budget support to ensure that - the project would be running smoothly to the final completion. We do hope to have a new building for the good condition and environemnt for the children. Your donation and budget support is highly appreciated. You are able to help by donation to our FCYD's bank account at Krung Thai Bank, acct no.  982-8-58723-8. Receipt is eligible for tax examption. Thank you for your donation